ISSN 2321–3647
Sun, 19 Nov 2017

Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Oral Film Using Natural Polymer Pullulan

Kadam Vaishali S1,* Mundhe Bhagyashri1, Shendarkar G.R2. Kadam Sangita S3

1.Department of Pharmceutics, Indira College of Pharmacy, Nanded.

2.Nanded college of pharmacy, Nanded, Maharashtra India.

3.Shri  ramrao patil ayurved college  Purna District Parbhani , Maharashtra India


Fast dissolving oral film was prepared by using pullulan as a film forming agent, glycerine as a plasticizer, Aspartame as sweetening agent. Solvent  casting method was used for formulation of film. The 2 x 2 cm film is placed on tongue it get instantly hydrated by saliva ,adhere to tongue and rapidly disintegrate and dissolves to release the drug.  The prepared films were also evaluated for their weight uniformity, thickness, surface pH, drug content, in vitro disintegration time, in vitro drug release, film stability and mechanical properties as folding endurance.  The film thickness (mm) ranges from 0.021±0.0015 to 0.032±0.015 and the folding endurance ranges from 9.33±0.577 to 14.23±1.15 respectively. The drug content (mg %) was studied and it ranges from 97.04±1.08 to 99.07±1.02. Increase in the levels of Glycerin causes an increase in the Folding Endurance while Pullulan had a negative effect. A plasticizer has a negative effect on the Drug Release. % Drug Release of the film increased with decrease in levels of both polymer and plasticizer. All film having acceptable mechanical properties and the time required to disintegrate were within 25 second and total % drug release is in 5 min. Stability study of optimized Fast Dissolving Film of Buspirone hydrochloride was revealed for 3 month which shows no significant difference. This study revealed, successful formulation of Fast Dissolving Oral Film. The Fast Dissolving Oral Film  showed highest drug release and average folding endurance. The high % drug release of the film in phosphate buffer pH 6.8 at 5 min indicated that these films can be real alternative to traditional OTC product like tablets and capsule.

Keywords: Fast dissolving oral film, film forming agent, plasticizer, Solvent casting method.

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