ISSN 2321–3647
Sun, 19 Nov 2017

Microneedles In Drug Delivery and Therapeutics

Godugu Karunakar 1, Manjunath M2, D V Gowda*1, Avinash 1, Tibey Mary Koshy 1, Sweety Tom 1, Karamsetty V M Suryatej 1, and Nikhil P Patil 1

1.Dept. of Pharmaceutics, JSS University, JSS College of Pharmacy, SS Nagara, Mysore -570015, Karnataka, India

2.Department of Pharmaceutics, Farooqia College of Pharmacy, Tilak Nagara, Mysore -570001, Karnataka, India.


The restricted barrier properties of the upmost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum (SC) impose significant limitations for eminent systemic delivery of a broad vary of therapeutic molecules, significantly macromolecules and genetic material. Microneedle delivery has been projected as a method to interrupt the SC barrier perform so as to facilitate effective transport of molecules across the skin. Microneedles are used for the dermal and transdermic delivery of a broad vary of medicine, like tiny relative molecular mass medication, oligonucleotides, DNA, peptides, proteins and inactivated viruses. This strategy involves the employment of metric linear unit sized needles fictitious from completely different materials and victimisation different geometries to make transient binary compound pores across the skin. Following a quick introduction regarding microneedles and its history, this review describes completely different fabrication ways for solid, coated, dissolving and hollow microneedles similarly as their applications and conjointly focuses on recent and potential future developments in microneedle technologies. this can embrace the particularization of progress created in microneedle style, a research of the challenges moon-faced during this field and potential forward methods to embrace the exploitation of microneedle methodologies, whereas considering the inherent safety aspects of such therapeutic tools. Finally, we have a tendency to offer our read on analysis and development that's required to render microneedles as novel dermal drug delivery technologies clinically helpful within the close to future.

Keywords: Microneedles (MN), microelectromechanical systems, fabrication, casting

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