ISSN 2321–3647
Sun, 19 Nov 2017

Smoking: A Major Risk Factor for Stroke

Bonam Jyothi1, Sripada Ramam1*, Kuppili Venkata Sai Kiran1, Sathish Kalluri1, Lolla Siddhartha1, Magharla Dasaratha Dhana Raju1

1. Department of Pharmacy practice, GIET School of Pharmacy, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India - 533296.


Smoking has a distractive impact on human health that greatly influences the chance of developing stroke. In India, the third top risk for health loss is the smoking that leads to approximately 1 million deaths every year. Smoking is the main cause for 10% of the stroke deaths. The risk of stroke will be double due to smoking. According to a recent Indian study, smoking is the third most common cause of stroke. When compared to non smokers, smokers are three times more likely to have a stroke. Usually a stroke can be caused by interruption of blood supply to the brain due to the blockade by a clot or burst of the blood vessel. When compared to the non smokers and non hypertensive patients, a smoker with hypertension is 15 times more prone to have a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Second hand smokers were twice likely to have a stroke when compared to the persons who work or live in a non smoking atmosphere. There is an increased chance of having stroke for the non smokers who were married to smokers. The best way to prevent to stroke is to quit the habit of smoking. At present, for quitting the habit of smoking various supportive measures were available that includes group therapy, counseling, nicotine replacement therapy and help line support. Deaths due to smoking can be escapable and preventable by complete cessation of smoking. Quitting the habit of smoking reduces the risk of stroke significantly.  Awareness should be created regarding the health risks associated with smoking and the benefits associated with the cessation and prevention of smoking which helps in reduced health costs on the society to live in a healthy environment.

Keywords: Smoking, Smoker, Non- Smoker, Stroke.

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