ISSN 2321–3647
Sun, 19 Nov 2017

In-vitro Evaluation of Lamivudine Extended Release Matrix Tablets Formulated By Eudragit S-100 And Eudragit L-100

Thumma Praveen Kumar Reddy1*, Ponnada Nutan. Deepthi2, B. Sudheer3, Swathi Kandukuri1, Poreddy Praveen Reddy1, Madatha Praveen Kumar1

1.Nalanda College of Pharmac ,Department of Clinical Trials, Nalgonda, India

2.  Global Data Pharmaceutics, Department of Clinical Trials, Hyderabad

3. ASN Pharmacy, Tenali, India


The aim of present research work was in-vitro evaluation of lamivudine extended release matrix tablets formulated by Eudragit S-100 and Eudragit L-100. FTIR studies shows that no chemical interactions were found. Physical mixture was evaluated for bulk density, tapped density, compressibility index, Hausner’s ratio and angle of repose before being punched as tablets. Various formulations of extended release matrix tablets of Lamivudine were prepared by different ratios of Eudragit S-100 and Eudragit L-100 by direct compression method with the rato of 16.66, 25.3 and 33. 3 % weight of both eudragit S-100 and eudragit L-100 were according to the total weight of tablet such formulations F1 to F6 and F7 to F9 both the polymers were taken as a combination F7 contains 8.33 % of eudragit s-100 and 8.33 % of eudragit L-100 similarly F8 and F9 also.. The tablets were evaluated for physical characterization.  From in-vitro dissolution studies all the formulations were analyzed and for the optimized formulation (F6) drug release was found to be 98% in 24hr with first order kinetics. The n values for the optimized F6 formulation was 0.620 which follows case II non-Fickian (anomalous) release (0.5≤ n ≤ 0.89). In the non-Fickian (anomalous) case II release, the rate of drug release is due to the combined effect of drug diffusion and polymer relaxation. Super Case II release generally refers to the polymer relaxation.

Keywords: Lamivudine, Extended release tablet, Eudragit S-100 and Eudragit L-100

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